Black Jar Coffee is my own air roasted blend of two coffee beans, Papua New Guinea being the primary.


This is a dark roast blend of two different coffee beans that go great together for me with the assurance you will enjoy it just as much.


Each Black jar of coffee bean is roasted to order.


Did you catch that?  


Each Black jar of coffee bean is roasted to order.

You will not get a jar that has been sitting around waiting to fly off the shelf.


Black Jar Coffee is not mass-produced in advance.  It's specially roasted to order.


Once the whole bean blend has been roasted, it is packed directly into the jar and sealed while it's still roasting hot!  


If you prefer your bean ground in advance, the bean blend is freshly roasted and ground then directly packed into your 8oz jar.


Whole bean or ground, either way, you get your Black Jar Coffee as fresh as it can get because the killer aroma and flavor is captured and retained within as soon as it reaches its peak in roasting.


There are no other blends available.  Only this one blend of two awesome beans is good enough.


Once your order is placed, please allow 1-3 days prior to shipment.  

Your order is being freshly roasted and ground(if desired) just for you.

As soon as your order is roasted, it will ship the same day.


The price you pay includes shipping; con't USA only.

International or bulk orders, please contact us first here.

Special pricing for bulk orders and larger jars available.


Paypal Check Out:

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Black Jar Coffee Tips:


- keep the lid tightly closed between use.

- no need to fridge the Black Jar.  Coffee is extremely absorbent to odors; simply store in the cabinet.

- share some...don't be stingy.



Glad you asked!  A black glass jar is not some snobby-coffee marketing gimmick.

There are 2 reasons WHY a black jar is used.


1.  Black.  Contrary to what you've heard about keeping your coffee supply in the fridge, keeping your dry coffee supply 'in the cold', is not really true BUT keeping it 'in the dark' is the benefit.  In a fridge, your coffee is surrounded by odor and moisture and that's really not ideal especially with any premium coffees.

Store your dry coffee in a dark area.  A cabinet will suffice or in this case, since the jar is black,  keep it on your coffee island for the world to see.

Moisture only needs to be introduced to your dry coffee when brewing, not during storage.


2.  Jar.  Coffee in its bean/ground form is extremely absorbent of odors outside of its container.  If left open, even for a short period of time, it will lose its savor and aroma while in its dry state. 

A glass jar is about the best way to retain all that goodness inside until you open it up and use what you need. This is especially beneficial for the occasional coffee drinker.  Just remember to close that lid snug!  #longershelflife


There you have it!  That's why we use a black jar to distribute this good stuff!


"Bean Me Up, Scotty!"
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