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Never again.

I knew there would be a loss but stuff was going for so little, I left to go home and said, "call me when it's over."

If I ever auction off this much stuff, I'll never use that auctioneer again. Hiring a more notable auctioneer will be my choice, even if the commissions are higher.

This whole process of closing the store, having the auction and clearing the premises was more draining than opening the business. Depression tags along with this entire scenario.

Move on - Pick on.

"Let it Go" kept strumming through my mind.... Yup, that Disney song. Hey, it was therapeutic. That's exactly why you have to do, let it go.

To cut it short, I took the money and ran.

Reopened 5 booths into a local vendor market and started over within the same week. Exhausted.

I have experience under the belt. I'll approach the store ownership in a different manner, if there is another opportunity.

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