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I open my blog with a closing;

the closing of my antique store, Goldstone Antiquery & Oddities. The picking' won't stop, just the local store front.

The store itself hardly reached 3 years. It did well at first. Problems? Heart issues are half, the rest I blame on the area. My shop was the 4th of its kind to shut down in the past 7 months. The community has spoken.

Previously, I had been selling in vendor markets and picking for close to 10 years now in Illinois, North Carolina and currently West Virginia.

I'm going back to the vendor market scene; I always did fair with those plus with experience under my belt, less stress and overhead renting a few spaces as opposed to an entire building.

It was depressing and embarrassing when I first told my shop help and son, Jordan, I decided to close the doors. With only one day of business remaining.... I can hardly wait! I'm actually feeling as if this is a much better decision. I want the doors to close and get the June 3 Close-Out Auction over with! Move on, Pick On!

I'm selling out of about 95% of my inventory in the auction, take what I can get out of it and load up with fresh picks to display in the vendor market.

No time to waste on thinking about all the time, health and money I crammed into this business the past 3 years. It's a loss financially but I have to set aside that weight and move on, pick on!

Here's looking forward to knocking on doors and meeting new faces as I explore their tobacco barns, farms, storage sheds, basements, attics and the occasional flea market.

Tomorrow is the last day of shop business then one week of auction prep. I'll most likely take another low blow hit at the auction and simply lose on about everything but bring it on and let' get it over with. Can't wait!

Move On. Pick On!

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