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Reckart's Mill, Going, Going, Gone! - Terra Alta, WV

This historical grist mill is in the initial phase of demolition. I was invited to gather and purchase some content before the Reckart's (Grist) Mill goes down. Once the building is completely disassembled, I'll be bringing the bigger pieces in. As for now I just gathered some remnants for repurpose projects.

Built around 1865, this property has stayed in ownership and care until recent years. Governmental enforcements for handicap accessibility costs was the primary reason, among a few others, for the closing down and demolition of this grist mill.

Without installing the handicap access within the entire mill, the owners were no longer allowed to stay open. Upgrade costs were so exhaustive, it consumed any funds it would take to actually save the mill itself from slipping off its stone foundation. Handicap ramps/rails and such would literally consume all the walk space in the mill itself. Not to mention the costs of installing elevators.

The caretakers merely charged donations for tourist and historians to walk the 3 stories only making enough funds to keep the doors open.

BTW...that 20' paddle wheel is going to be cut and scrapped unless someone can give it a home.

I'm sure the government is satisfied with their accomplishments here so be sure to contact your Federal and local WV government for the enforcements of handicap codes on historical landmarks so that they can continue shutting down beautiful places like this. #thisaintright

I have no problem with handicap access to some degree but to enforce, by gunpoint, a full blown renovation especially in buildings that literally cannot handle it... there has to be a happy medium.

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