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Andy Warhol, Brian Jones or a Dude .... ?

I received a call from a home owner to pick a house in Morgantown, WV near WVU. From my understanding, the old house became an inheritance and the new owner wanted everything gone. The structure of the house itself was pretty bad and was facing demolition.

I found few things of interest until I went into one of the attic rooms. Things had been stored there for many years but there wasn't much left to pick through.

In the corner was a head, without a body, laying on its side....and it was bronzed. :)

An offer was made and without paying much attention to it, I merely placed it on the shelf for about a year. Few people paid attention to it. I just held on to the bust until I could figure something out about it. No makers mark, artist signature.... anything.

The only clue I had to go on was the fact it was made in an older style of bronze casting. This was determined as the wood base was removed from the sculpture.

A photographer developed a discussion of it. He remembered that Playboy used to hold a Musicians Award show years ago on an annual basis. The awards handed out to the winners consisted of a bronze bust of recipient (this is his story to me, anyway). He mentions that my particular sculpture looks very similar and that the subject looked very much like a famous musician if anything. He encouraged me to hold on to it and research some more. My subtle searches came up with an assimilation to that of Brian Jones, the guy that started the Rolling Stones band. If it were to be him would be most excellent. But I'm not convinced.

I haven't found much anything at all on it since with the exception of a perspective from a friend of mine on social media. I had posted the bust and requested any input of whom it might be. He submitted, Andy Warhol as the possible subject.

Well, I kinda ran with it. It clicked with me right off the bat. However it lacks the hair style just a tad with a slight part, this looks like a young bowl cut, Andy Warhol.

My overall conclusion ... since WVU holds a strong Arts society here, I submit that this may have simply been a WVU art students project of Andy Warhol and was simply left behind some years ago.

I've seen some really impressive works of art around this area. I snag those pieces every chance I get.

So... Brian Jones, Andy Warhol or some nameless dude...?

You tell me.

As for now, he is displayed on my repurposed 1940's tool crib coffee bar that proudly serves my own Black Jar Coffee, until he sells.


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