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Jim Weatherall Football Painting (OK)

(The Jan 18, 2019 Update is below dotted line)

As I regain my momentum back into picking, I ventured into a junk shop in which I occasionally visit.... literally a junk shop.... not an antique store.

Normally I cold-call pick but I never reject an opportunity to visit a junk store. Glad I did this time. I hadn't been in this place for about 6 months.

Going upstairs I found a vintage drum set made in Japan. Certainly has some repurpose potential in the blue marble swirl shells but as soon as my sight fell upon this framed canvas, I knew I wasn't leaving without it.

The manager had no idea who it was. Neither did I but thats doesn't matter. It is an awesome piece of sports art in a magnificent ornate wood frame. That's all that matters. Oh, and the price was very fair. I was going to take it regardless ...within reason.

Here's what I've found thus far. College football player, appears to be Kansas State or maybe Ohio. I lean towards Kansas because of the following.

The artist: Jodie Boren. Never heard of her... er, him. Found out that he was a well known artist who created mainly Western and Prairie style paintings. Born in 1926, one resource tells me he passed away in 2017 (?).

Upon further internet research, I came across Nancy Boren; a relative who is currently a prominent artist herself. Runs in the family.

Her website shows a picture of an older, Jamie Boren whose face is strikingly similar to the young football player in the portrait.

I messaged Nancy on her Facebook and have yet to hear from her. I sent images of the art and a close up of the signature which does match Jodie Boren's style.

As I await her reply and a paid online art estimate service, with what little info I have gathered at this point, my conclusion on this piece.....

I feel that this painting was made of and for Jamie Boren, Jodie Boren's relative (brother?) when he was playing for Kansas State. Best I found, Jamie Boren did attend Kansas State Art and the uniform colors match. The uniform style is that of the late 40's to mid 50's which also puts these family members in college around that time.

IF this is true or in the proximity.... finding an original part piece by a notable artist with a painting theme totally opposite of their genre (Western vs Sports)....hmmmm. This could be a flourishing find. Probably most valuable to the family but hard core Jodie Boren collectors may find it just as desired.

The canvas is about 3'x2'. 46"x35" with the wood frame.

I hope to update this blog very soon with great closure, whether it be a legit piece or merely a print.

I'm hoping for a Hail Mary Touchdown!


Jan 18, 2019 Update...

Paul Boren found this painting on my Ebay listing and proceeded to message me; he is the son of the artist, Jodie. In short, I had requested a signed letter from him so that it may be included with the painting for affirmation of the work and closure of it's history.

I've attached a pic of the letter below; read it and be inspired :)

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